Digital Twinning Australia was a Highly Commended Finalist at the 2020 Consult Australia Awards for Excellence in the Technological Innovation category.

Our Sychronising Digital Twin was recognised for its value in digital asset management, and the opportunities it presents for remote operation and automation. It was also praised for its mass market appeal as a scalable, low-cost entry into Industry 4.0 and digital transformation.

Technological Innovation

This Award recognises firms who have demonstrated outstanding leadership in the innovative application of new or existing technology.


  • Extent of the technological innovation
  • Degree of challenge/difficulty
  • Development and implementation of the innovation
  • Value to the project on which the innovation was applied
  • Value of the innovation beyond the project

Digital Twinning Australia [DTA] is an Australian leader in applied Industry 4.0 and synchronising digital twinning for strategic portfolio and asset management. DTA is an Australian woman-founded, owned and operated business focused on optimising cost to deliver products and services. Our coupling of Industry 4.0 and digital twinning enables our Clients to uncover new revenue opportunities and further optimise cost to deliver.

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