Covid-19 has opened our minds. It has given us the option to reshape how we work, removing a lot of the impediments to change and providing a new enthusiasm to transform operating models. so – COVID-19: DIGITAL LESSONS FOR RECOVERY

Digital value is now obvious

Experience has taught us to start small, with a mock-up.  Get confident, build your knowledge and identify where your organisation’s capabilities are, so a realistic roadmap to drive requirement and strategic objectives can be demonstrated.

Industry 4.0 is now mandatory, not desirable

Again; it’s all about crawl, walk, run staging. Get a minimum viable product (MVP) up and running, use it to showcase an evidence-based business case.  This is easier than you think, we have had practice.

Core business systems are more yesterday, not tomorrow

It is easy to get bogged down with data quality or structures or age of your technology excuses. Tools now exist to take the old and make it new again.

Now is the time to start exploring options, scenarios and planning for a reshaped Industry 4.0 enabled future.  For those who need help navigating the post Covid-19 digital world, Digital Twinning Australia is on hand and ready to assist.

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